100 Awesome Solo Date Ideas for Those New to Me-Time

New to me-time? Well, you are in the right place! Keep reading to discover awesome solo date ideas to help you make the most of your alone time. There are so many fun things to do on your own and this post will go over 100 solo date ideas for you to get started.

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If you are new to solo dating, the idea can sound silly. However, your relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships you will have. Prioritize and make space for YOU. When you start enjoying your company and accepting yourself, you don't seek that from external sources. It is a form of self-care that allows you to honor your relationship with yourself.

For many people raised in dysfunctional families, alone time may be a newer concept, and learning to appreciate me-time is an important step toward self-growth. This post will go over everything solo dating, why solo date, solo date ideas, and planning the perfect self-date.

So, grab your notebook, and let's start planning your first (or next) solo adventure! 

What Does It Mean to Date Yourself?

What do you call a date with yourself? A SOLO DATE!

In a dysfunctional family, there is often a lack of clear identity for each individual. If you are struggling to understand who you really are or would like to work on developing a strong sense of self, there is something you can do to help with this. Spend time with yourself.

Solo dating can be a big part of building self-trust. A healthy relationship with yourself encourages you to develop stronger self-reliance and understand that you can be fulfilled independently- a valuable skill for navigating life.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family can make understanding yourself and developing a healthy relationship even more challenging because of experiencing unhealthy dynamics and a lack of understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like- with yourself and others.

When you start to spend time with yourself, you get a valuable opportunity to explore who you are, separate from your dysfunctional family environment, which is important to your self-growth. It also allows you to break free from unhealthy patterns you learned from your family by reflecting on your experiences and working on changing them.

Why Should You Date Yourself? 

The art of dating yourself requires learning to enjoy your own company and treat yourself with the same attention and care you would with your other relationships. Growing up in a dysfunctional family can lead to a loss of identity for many different reasons. Here are top 5 reasons to start dating yourself: 

1) Lack of encouragement to explore your identity: It can be challenging/confusing to figure out who you really are when there is little encouragement to explore your identity or have the chance to discover your interests.

In a dysfunctional household, there is a desire to keep the family's status quo, making exploring aspects of your identity or interests that go against the family expectations sometimes scary. There may be resistance or pushback when you start exploring new things, as it can threaten how things are typically done in the family.

This is not to say the impact of your family isn't necessary, as your family plays an essential role in shaping who you are; however, a dysfunctional family tends to affect you in ways where personal growth and individual needs aren't always a top priority- the dysfunction often takes the lead.

Caregivers often resist this exploration due to their fears and what they are accustomed to, leading to a desire to maintain the familiar.

Solo dating provides an opportunity to spend time with yourself to explore and learn more about your likes and dislikes. It teaches you to set boundaries around what you are comfortable with and what is not. This exploration can differ from what your family expects or values.

It is important to see yourself as a person separate from your family's dysfunction. This allows you to decide for yourself and live on your terms. When you learn to make choices and decisions independently that aren't frequently burdened by your family's expectations, you can shape your life aligned with what is important to you.

2) Poor Communication: In a dysfunctional family, you may have been given mixed messages about certain emotions and what was okay to talk about. You may have seen your caregivers express and share things you were told to suppress, making expressing your true feelings more confusing and challenging. 

There can also be a lack of love and validation that is needed to develop a strong sense of self. When these things happen, and you don't get the support you need, you can lack understanding of your emotions and needs, making it hard to understand who you really are.

Solo dating provides an opportunity to explore your thoughts, feelings, and desires in a safe and fun way. It includes exploring, expressing, and accepting your feelings. You do this by openly discussing your thoughts and emotions (in a safe space), even if it initially feels uncomfortable. By expressing your genuine emotions, you get to know yourself without the mixed message from your family.

Learning to understand your emotions teaches you to communicate them more effectively. Think of solo dating as a personal journey to help you discover your true emotions and make expressing yourself easier.

3) Culture of Secrecy: Imagine witnessing or experiencing dysfunctional dynamics only to be told to keep them a secret or being discouraged from talking about your feelings or the family's issues.

The culture of secrecy can lead to not only suppression of your emotions but also suppression of your own needs and thoughts. Now, as an adult, talking about how you are feeling or exploring healthier dynamics can feel challenging.

Unlearning the culture of secrecy begins with self-awareness. You can't change a behavior you are not aware of. When you acknowledge the secrecy patterns within your family dynamics, you can start to explore how that impacts your life.

In the previous goal, I talked about prioritizing open communication, which can be sought out by seeking support from a therapist who can help provide tools to break free from secrecy's grip and learn healthier dynamics. As you become more attuned to your emotions and needs through solo dating, you will also learn to communicate more effectively in your relationships.

4) Unclear Rules and Boundaries: A healthy family has clear rules and healthy boundaries that teach a child about their world.

In an unhealthy family, the boundaries and rules constantly change, making the environment unpredictable. When your environment is unpredictable, you do not know what is expected of you or what is right or wrong, which impacts your sense of self.

Solo dating is a great way to create your own rules and boundaries. You get the space to decide what makes you happy and what doesn't. There can be a lot of unpredictability within a dysfunctional family, and solo dating can help bring some predictability and a sense of capability into your life.

The more time you spend with yourself, the more you understand who you are and what you want from your life. Consider it your safe and stable place to explore, make mistakes, and grow.

Rebuilding a sense of who you are separate from your family is essential to rebuilding a sense of identity and healing from your upbringing. Solo dating is one of the valuable tools to help with that by promoting self-exploration. 

How To Date Yourself? Plan the Perfect Self-Date

Now that you understand why dating yourself is important, let's talk about how you can take yourself on a date. Here are 5 steps to get started. 

1) Choose one of the solo date ideas to try out.

If you are new to solo dating, think about an activity that resonates with you the most and what makes you happy. It could be hiking, practicing a hobby like a DIY project, or simply indulging in self-care by getting extra sleep. 

2) Block off time on your schedule.

Now that you have chosen one of the solo date ideas think about a day/time that is the most convenient for you and isn't disrupted by obligations. Remember, this process is not supposed to be stressful or overwhelming. If it is, you are overthinking it. 

3) Prepare ahead + set intentions.

Think about what you hope to get out of your solo date (there is no right or wrong answer, so don't overthink it), and depending on the activity, make the necessary preparations. For example, make reservations beforehand if you are trying out a new restaurant in your area. 

4) Disconnect from distractions

Your solo date is a time carved out for YOU. Put your phone on silent or DND and turn off any additional notifications that may become a distraction. Remember, the goal is to be as present with yourself. 

5) Reflect on your date.

Take a moment to reflect on your self-date. That's right! You want to reflect on what you learned about yourself, what didn't go as planned, and what could have been improved to set intentions for your next solo outing. This is the space for self-growth. 

Use these five steps if you have thought, 'How to date yourself alone?'.

Here Are 100 Solo Date Ideas To Try Out!

If you are new to 'me-time,' don't worry. Here are 100 solo date ideas list for your next solo adventure. Get creative, and make a solo date ideas jar to choose from later. 

Free Solo Date Ideas

1. Nature Hike: Find and explore a hiking trail near you to appreciate everything nature offers. Consider bringing your book to read or journal to write down your thoughts. 

2. Bike Ride: If you have a bike, explore a biking trail near you. Biking is an excellent form of exercise and can help clear your mind.

3. Outdoor Yoga: Yoga is a great way to slow down your body and connect with your breath. Practicing yoga outdoors, like your balcony or park near you, is also a great way to connect with nature. Being intentional about your practice and feel the earth beneath you.

4. Read a New Book: If you are looking for free solo date ideas, visit your local library. There is a sense of comfort in getting lost in the pages of a good book. Reading is a great solo activity that is enjoyable and intellectually stimulating at the same time. So, whether you are an avid reader or looking to start reading more, a new book can be just the escape you need. 

5. Go For a Drive: Going for a drive is a peaceful solo activity to add to your list. Whether you go for a short solo date night by going for a drive with your favorite song on or you choose to drive to the nearest scenic spot, this is a great way to clear your mind and enjoy your me time. 

6. Netflix Night: Watching a show or movie is another great free solo date ideas. Pick out a movie or show you want to watch, make some buttery popcorn, get comfy, and enjoy your night without spending any money.

7. Game Night: Game night is a fun way to engage in some slow mental engagement. Choose a puzzle that interests you and get cozy. 

8. Attend a Free Local Event: Attending a free local event is a fun way to connect with people in your community and discover new interests. Research upcoming events in your area that align with your interests and challenge yourself to get involved in the activities. 

9. Have a Solo Beach Day: Beach day can be another great way of admiring and slowing down with nature. Whether you want to get into the water or relax and read a good book, have a solo beach day. 

10. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset: Watching a sunset can be incredibly therapeutic. I was recently in Florida and was intentional about putting my phone away and just being present while watching the sunset. It is hands down one of the best solo date ideas to try.

Solo Date Ideas at Home

1. Create a Bucket List: Creating a bucket list is a fun way of focus on working towards the experiences you want from your life. Think of it as your personal roadmap to adventures. 

2. Journal: Journaling is a simple and easy solo date night idea that you can try within the comfort of your home. Whether you are new to journaling or looking for a change, try these journal prompts to kick-start your journey.

3. Try making a new recipe: I recently discovered my passion for cooking and find it extremely therapeutic. What I love about trying a new recipe is that you get to learn so much with the process- making mistakes, figuring out spices, connecting with your family recipes, and most importantly, you get to try something new. Add this to your solo date ideas and try something new. 

4. Stretch Your Body: Stretching is a meditative experience that can help you become more in tune with your body. I have a job that requires a lot of sitting throughout the day making my body pretty stiff. At the end of the day, I like to treat myself with a self soothing stretch session to prioritize self-care and the attention my body deserves. 

5. Have a Dance Party: Fun fact, I used to be so nervous about solo dance parties. I felt akaward doing it and when the pandemic hit and I had excess energy, I would throw myself a dance party. It was extremely therapeutic and is a fun way to allow yourself to just be in the moment. So, choose a song and get moving. 

6. Self-Care Shower: Who doesn't love a good self-care shower? Put on some music, light a candle, and use fancy bath items to make it feel like a spa at home. 

7. Get a Plant: Taking care of a plant is a form of mindfulness that can help you stay connected to nature within the comfort of your home. When you watch your plant thrive under your care, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that you are capable. This is another perfect self-care solo date idea. 

8. Friends with Tea/Coffee:  I adopted this solo date idea from my sister who enjoys her cup of tea after work while enjoying an episode of Friends. It is her way of relaxing and decompressing for 25-30 minutes. Find your favorite show that isn't too long and enjoy your cup of bliss. Add this to the list of solo date ideas for introverts. 

9. At- Home Spa Night: You don't need to go to an expensive spa to get a spa-like experience. Pamper yourself on your solo date night at home with your face mask, skin care, and sipping on your favorite drink. 

10. Meditate: Find a comfortable spot and meditate. Whether you focus on your breath and sit in silence, or play a guided meditation, grab an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the present moment.

Self Date Quotes

" Love yourself first, because that's who you will spend the rest of your life with."- Luigina Sgarro

Cheap Solo Date Ideas

1. Create a Vision Board: What better way to think about your goals and aspirations than creating a vision board? Whether you want to move out of your house and have travel plans, work on creating a vision board to serve as a daily reminder of everything you want to achieve in your life. 

2. Solo Hiking: Hiking is another fun (and cheap solo date ideas) way to break away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine and connect with nature. If your life is anything like mine, you appreciate a break from technology and look forward to being present in the moment. The best part? You get a fantastic view. 

If you are seeking solo date ideas for guys, consider reconnecting with nature. 

3. Be a Tourist in Your City: The possibilities are endless if you live in a bigger city. Find a fun spot you have yet to explore and be a tourist in your city. You can find pretty sweet deals if you research ahead of time making this on top of cheap solo date ideas. 

4. Explore a Nearby Town: If you are from a smaller city or know only some parts of your town, challenge yourself to explore a nearby city. 

5. Journal at your Local Coffee Shop: Go to your local coffee shop, order your favorite beverage, and get lost with journaling. 

6. Sit on the Beach: How to have a girls day by yourself? Go to the beach. Enjoy the water if you are lucky enough to live near a beach. Check the sunrise or sunset time and enjoy the beauty of stillness. 

7. Explore a Farmer's Market: A solo local farmer's market trip is a great way to connect with your community, buy fresh foods, and get outdoors. 

8. Volunteer: Whether you want to give your time at a local animal shelter or find a cause that resonates with you, add volunteering to your list of meaningful solo date ideas.

9. Buy Yourself Flowers: When the pandemic hit and we were stuck inside, I would buy flowers every few weeks to remind myself that this time was temporary and would eventually be replaced with something new. For your reason, buy some flowers to remind you that everything is temporary. 

10. Picnic for One: Enjoy a solo picnic date ideas. Pack some sandwiches and a good book. This is a great cheap dates to take yourself on.

"Being" Solo Date Ideas

1. Gratitude Journaling: Want to cultivate a positive mindset? Try gratitude journaling as a part of your solo date. Take some time to focus on all the good things in your life and find gratitude for everyday moments. What are you grateful for today?

2. Focus on Your Breath: Most of us go through our day not taking a full breath. Be intentional on your next solo date and focus on your breath. 

3. Engage in Unstructured Creativity: Most are so goal-oriented or focused on their to-do list that engaging in unstructured creativity becomes essential. This is one of my favorite solo date ideas to help your brain think outside the box and find beauty in the journey rather than only focusing on the destination.

Whether you take a long nature walk or express your thoughts without goals, this is a great way to bring balance and joy to your busy life. 

4. Try Mindful Eating: If you live a busy life, you may relate to eating on the go often during the week. Mindful eating focuses on savoring every meal bite and appreciating the flavors by slowing down. This is a must-try solo date idea.

5. Engage in Body Scan: A body scan is another great way of just being. Find a comfortable spot and focus on each part of your body, from your toes to your head. Hold tension in each part for 5-8 seconds and release it. This exercise helps you stay connected with your body, making it a perfect solo date idea for self-care. 

6. Listen to the Absence of Sound: If you work from home or your laptop most of the day, you may realize your day is full of noise. Learning to sit in silence requires focusing your attention on the subtle sounds of nature, allowing you to connect and appreciate the stillness. Start with 1-2 minutes and build up to more time. 

7. Enjoy Your Tea/Coffee in Silence: Make/ buy your favorite beverage and enjoy it in silence. Going out for coffee alone? Enjoy the sounds of your surroundings. 

8. Stargazing: Whenever someone tells me they have never gazed at the stars, it surprises me. We are so busy working through the stressors of daily life that we forget to stop and appreciate the everyday beauty of the universe. Add this to the list of your solo date ideas and experience a magical way to spend time with yourself while enjoying the beauty of the night sky. 

9. Watch the Clouds: This is another must-try activity. Bring a blanket, get some snacks, and watch the sky's ever-changing artwork. Let your mind wander and use your imagination to see different shapes in the clouds. Every cloud tells a story if you are willing to listen. 

10. Sit by Water: I LOVE the sound of the water. There is something so calming and still about it. On your next solo date, listen to the sounds of the waves and breathe in the moment.

Productive Solo Date Ideas

1. Schedule Individual Therapy Sessions: Therapy is a great way to start unlearning some of your family dynamics. Find a therapist that best fits your needs and schedule a consultation to get started on your mental health journey. 

2. Join a Support Group: Knowing you are not alone in your experiences can be incredibly powerful. A support group allows you to connect with people who have experienced growing up in a dysfunctional family and can be understanding of your experiences. Consider joining a group for your solo date. 

3. Attend an Online Workshop: There are SO many online workshops, making it easier to find something that resonates with you. Whether you learn about healthy coping or connect with individuals who share your experience of growing up in a dysfunctional family, attending a workshop is another productive solo date idea to add to your list. 

4. Organize Your Living Space: Show me your space, and I can try to predict the state of your mind. Taking time to declutter and organize your surroundings the way you like can be a fulfilling solo date idea. Play music or your favorite TV show and create a living space that makes it pleasant to unwind. 

5. Listen to a TED Talk: 'Breaking Generational Cycles of Trauma' by Brandy Wells. 

6. Set a Mental Health Goal: Set realistic mental health goals to plan for your future. Read 15 Realistic Mental Health Goals to Set in 2023 to help you get started. 

7. Practice Self-Compassion Meditation: Self-Compassion is a great way to extend kindness towards yourself and nurture a healthy relationship with yourself. Find a comfy spot, take a few deep breaths, and think about someone you care deeply about. Now, what would you tell them if they were going through something you are going through right now? You will find during this exercise that we are very hard on ourselves, but when it comes to other people, we give them flexibility and compassion to be who they are. Challenge yourself on your next solo date to extend the same compassion towards yourself. 

8. Read a Self-Help Book: Choose a book tailored to your experience of being raised in a dysfunctional family and read it for your solo date. Self-help books provide support and tools that can help navigate the challenges of family dysfunction. Here are 10 books about dysfunctional families to help you get started. 

9. Journaling for Healing: Journaling is one of my favorite coping tools and is a powerful solo date idea. When you write down your thoughts and feelings, you can explore them more deeply, allowing you to gain clarity and set intentions for the future. It continues to be an important tool to provide insight and a sense of release. 

10. Create a Budget: Being able to manage and understand your finances is a practical and empowering thing. You start to set priorities and work towards financial security and independence. Making a budget as part of your solo date ideas is an opportunity to invest in your financial well-being.

Want more ideas? Check out: Solo Date Ideas Pinterest

Selfdate Quotes

" Never underestimate the fact that loving others is a choice but loving yourself is a responsibility."- Germany Kent

Solo Birthday Date Ideas

1. Self-Reflection Day: Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to reflect on your feelings about the past year and appreciate the journey. Take some time to think about what the year has to offer and what you may do differently this coming year. 

2. Engage in Creative Expression: Celebrate your birthday by engaging in creative expression. Try painting, drawing, writing, or any other creative activity. What better way to spend your birthday than expressing yourself? 

3. Go to Your Favorite Restaurant: It's your birthday; take yourself out to dinner to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal. Mark your special day with these fun solo birthday date ideas. 

4. Bake a Cake: Bake yourself a cake how you like it. Choose your favorite flavors, decorate it however you choose, and savor every bite. Learn to enjoy the process of doing something fun for yourself. 

5. Try a New Hobby: Pursuing hobbies and interests that bring you joy is important. Here are 90 hobbies to get you started. Join the date yourself challenge. 

6. Buy Yourself a Gift: Buying yourself a gift is another great way to celebrate yourself. Whether you choose something meaningful or indulge in something you have wanted for a while, make your birthday memorable by picking out a gift that brings you joy. 

7. Write Yourself a Letter: Why not write a letter for your solo date ideas? Consider what you want this year to look like, and write a letter to your future self. It is a meaningful way to celebrate your birthday and have something special to look forward to for the next one. 

8. Create Something: Create something special for your birthday. Whether you create a piece of art or a DIY project for your space, enjoy the process of celebrating your birthday with your own personal touch. 

9. Get Tickets to a Show: Get tickets to a show for your birthday. Choose something you want to try this year, whether a play, a baseball game, or a movie. To see what shows are playing nearby, simply start by searching 'solo date ideas near me' and see what comes up for your area. 

10. Get a Massage: Who doesn't love a good massage? Take yourself on a date to get a massage. Pamper yourself for your next self-care solo date.

Active Solo Date Ideas

1. Try a Pilates Class: I LOVE Pilates. I look forward to it every week. It is challenging yet relaxing at the same time. Whether you try your local studio or find a video on YouTube to follow along at home, pilates is a great way to connect with your body and engage in some self-care. 

2. Get on Your Bike: Bike riding is a fun and easy solo date idea. Hop on your bike and get riding. 

3. Try Rock Climbing: Rock climbing can be physically and mentally challenging. Most indoor gyms will have an indoor rock climbing area, or try the traditional outdoor climbing to have an adrenaline-pumping experience. 

4. Go for a Swim: Swimming is a fun, active solo date idea. Just like rock climbing, you can go to your local gym for a swim or go to your nearby ocean if you are lucky. What better way to relax and enjoy alone than staying active in the water? 

5. Attend a Dance Workshop: This is one of my favorite solo date ideas. When I first went to my workshop, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I said no to many things during that workshop, and the easier it becomes as I continue going to more of them. Try a nearby workshop out for yourself. 

6. Aim for 10k Steps: Take the challenge of walking 10k steps daily. This is much more challenging than you think, especially if you work from home. But, your body will thank you. 

7. Try a New Fitness Class: What better active solo date idea than trying out a new fitness class? Check out your gym schedule and try a class you've never tried. If you don't have access to a gym, try a new and fun way to exercise. 

8. Set a New Fitness Goal: Setting fitness goals allows you to stay on track and reach a sense of accomplishment. Whether your goal is to run a 5k or become more flexible, spend your solo date figuring out your new fitness goals. 

9. Yoga in the Park: How about doing yoga in the park? Find a park nearby, bring your mat and water, and enjoy relaxing natural stretches. This is a great outside solo date ideas. 

10. Go Kayaking: I tried kayaking a few years ago, and it was such a great experience. There is so much joy in paddling through calm waters, enjoying solitude, and exploring nature. This is a perfect solo date idea for anyone who loves the water.

Explorative Solo Date Ideas

1. Visit a Museum: Why not explore solo date ideas by visiting a museum? Exploring your local museum or art gallery can be a great solo date ideas for women who appreciate culture and creativity. 

Here's a sentence using the keyword "solo date ideas for women": "Exploring a local art gallery or museum can be a wonderful solo date idea for women who appreciate culture and creativity.

2. Plan a Solo Trip: When you close your eyes and imagine a place you so badly want to visit, what place comes to mind? Write that down and start planning for it. Create your itinerary and explore the world on your terms. There are so many places to treat yourself with new experiences. 

3. Forest Bathing: There is a particular joy in immersing yourself in the forest's peacefulness. Find a forest preserve near you and breathe in the fresh air while connecting with the natural world around you. It's one of the best solo date ideas to explore if you love the outdoors. 

4. Create a Therapeutic Playlist: Music is therapeutic and has the power to influence our mood. Create a therapeutic playlist for your next solo date to curate a list of songs that will uplift you during challenging times.  

5. Attend a Self-Compassion Workshop: Are you looking for a growth-focused solo date? Attend a self-compassion workshop to practice being kinder towards yourself. Learn techniques to improve your self-care, self-worth, and overall well-being. What better opportunity to engage in self-discovery while spending some me time? 

6. Buy a Self-Discovery Workbook: If you can't access therapy now and want to invest in your self-growth, buy a self-discovery workbook. Most workbooks that therapists write come with exercises and prompts to help you increase self-awareness. Check out your local bookshop to see what's available. 

7. Emotion-Focused Journaling: Journaling is a therapeutic tool that allows you to reflect on your emotions and thoughts through writing. Emotion-focused journaling helps you explore and reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to understand better and cope.

Grab a notebook and pen, think about a situation that triggered the emotion you are focusing on, and reflect on why you were feeling that way. Over time, you can find patterns in your response to cope more effectively. 

8. Explore Therapy Goals: If you are on the journey of self-growth, exploring your therapy goals can be a valuable solo date idea. Think about the goals you would like to achieve and write them down. There are no right or wrong answers here; write what comes to mind and take them to your next therapy session. 

9. Attend a Meditation or Yoga Retreat: What better way to spend your me time than attending a meditation or yoga retreat? Stepping away from the busyness of your life and engaging in a meditative environment can be therapeutic. From learning new relaxation techniques to practicing yoga, you get on a journey of self-care and mindfulness.

10. Emotional Movie Night: Choose a movie that inspires or helps you connect with your feelings. Get cozy and have a night in ideas alone by yourself with an emotional movie night.

Adventurous Solo Date Ideas

1. Try a Martial Arts Class: My sisters do martial arts, and it is empowering to see them feeling confident with self-defense. This is definitely on my list of solo date ideas.

2. Wildlife Safari: Connect with nature memorably by going on a wildlife safari. Whether you take a guided tour or explore a national park, this adventurous solo date idea is an exciting way to connect with the natural world. 

3. Try Skydiving: Try one of the most adventurous solo date ideas- skydiving to feel that short but amazing rush. 

4. Weekend Getaway: Plan the perfect getaway for yourself. It does not need to be fancy or expensive, either. If this is your first getaway, pick a place that is reasonable driving distance from your house. Dedicate time to unwind and challenge yourself to disconnect if it feels safe. 

5. Go to a Concert: Who says you need a big crowd or group of people to go to a concert? Go out on your own and enjoy a night out by yourself. Attending a concert on your own is another great solo date idea. Challenge yourself to dance along, sing along, and celebrate your love for music. 

6. Attend a Comedy Show: Want a night of laughter and entertainment? Attend a comedy show by yourself. What better way to spend me time while being uplifted by performances? 

7. Try a Survival Skills Workshop: Learning how to make fires, build shelters, or find food are some practical skills you should have. Take a survival skills workshop as a part of your solo date ideas to test your ability that may come in handy in the future, and you get a full day of adventure. 

8. Try a New Water Sport: I am trying to do more water sports as it is incredibly out of my comfort zone. I tried snorkeling a few months ago, and it was magical. Add this to your list of solo date ideas and explore a new water sport. 

9. Plan a Solo Backpacking Trip: Solo backpacking is a personal goal of mine and a chance for you to plan your next adventurous solo date. Map out your journey and embark on your next adventure. 

10. Plan an Epic Road Trip: The best part about solo dating is that you don't have to wait on others. Pick a place you want to visit, pack your car, and hit the road. Explore a new place and create lasting memories for yourself.

Let's Recap.... 

Many of us raised in a dysfunctional family may feel a loss of identity as we were conditioned to prioritize the needs and wants of other people in our lives. It's normal to question 'is it okay to date yourself' if you are new to solo dating. Spending time with yourself is an intentional act of self-care. It allows you to explore your interests, learn to become more self-reliant, and, most importantly, teach you self-acceptance.

Solo date meaning spending time with yourself. These solo date ideas things to do are a starting point to give yourself a self-love boost and foster your relationship with yourself. Remember, the most important relationship you will have is with yourself. So I hope the next time you ask yourself, 'what can we do on solo date?' you think of these 100 solo date ideas to help you get started. 

Enjoy dating yourself. 

Rooting for you, always! 

What are your solo date ideas?

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