50 Thoughtful Mental Health Gifts To Show You Care

Are you looking for thoughtful mental health gifts to support your loved ones? Well, you came to the right place. Whether you are looking to support someone having a challenging week or simply want to help them foster their mental well-being, I hope this list of mental health gifts spark some inspiration.

mental health gifts

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As our mental health needs are increasing, it is no surprise that many of us feel constantly overwhelmed. With each of us going through our own version of mental health struggles, it can be challenging to be there for our loved ones all the time. While there is no substitute for professional treatment, thoughtful mental health gifts can be a great way to show you care about someone. Extending a small gesture of kindness can go a long way, letting someone know they are not alone in their journey. 

This post shares 50+ thoughtful mental health gifts to support someone’s mental health. From relaxation items to stress reduction, many mental health gifts exist for various needs and preferences. 

50 Thoughtful Mental Health Gifts To Show You Care

Mental Health Gift Ideas for Friends

1. Weighted Blanket

Gifts for Mental Health

My best friend gifted me a weighted blanket years ago, and it is, to this day, one of my favorite mental health gifts.

Gifting a weighted blanket can provide soothing comfort and relaxation after a long day. The gentle pressure a blanket provides helps reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calmness, creating a safe haven for your friend.

2. 100 Affirmation Cards Deck

Gifts for Mental Health

I LOVE affirmation cards. They promote positive thinking and help you set the tone for your day or week. 

Each affirmation has humor and a good message, leaving you feeling more optimistic and good about yourself. Anytime an unhelpful thought pops up, pick up a card or, even better, share it with a friend.

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3. The Sun Will Rise Mental Health Awareness Matters T-Shirt

Gifts for Mental Health

Mental health shirts help destigmatize mental health and serve as a sense of belonging to a supportive community. It shows others you see them, and it’s okay not to be okay.

And most importantly, it sparks important conversations about mental health reminding others to prioritize their mental well-being.

4. 500 Piece Scented Jigsaw Puzzle 

Gifts for Mental Health

Puzzles are therapeutic and allow people to slow down, focusing on the present moment. It helps with reducing stress and serves as a temporary distraction from negative thoughts. 

This is a fun mental health gifts to connect with your friends, and the best part of this puzzle is that it is scented.

5. Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser

Gifts for Mental Health

During my internship, my supervisor used different essential oils every morning and enjoyed her coffee. It was her personalized self-care practice, and I added that to the list of my self-care routine.

If your friend loves a calming environment, they will love using an Aromatherapy Diffuser. This thoughtful gift is a simple and enjoyable way of practicing self-care and mindfulness in one’s daily routine. Add their favorite scent to show them how well you know them.

6. Pocket Hug

Gifts for Mental Health

Pocket Hugs are such a comforting way to remind someone of your support. 

It fosters a sense of connection and offers a physical source of reassurance when they may need it the most.  

7. Decorative Pillows 

Gifts for Mental Health

Decorative pillows add extra comfort to one’s living space and are a great way to express your best wishes to a friend.

This pillow cover reminds them gently that they can do hard things and adds a personal touch to their surroundings.

8. Insulated Tumbler with Keychain Glitter

Gifts for Mental Health

Sometimes we forget how awesome we are, and getting an encouraging reminder can be helpful.

This tumbler is a great gift for your friend who may benefit from a reminder and can feel your constant appreciation and encouragement.

9.Everything is Figureoutable Sign

Gifts for Mental Health

I love this “ Everything is figureoutable” sign. It fosters a resilient mindset and reminds you that no matter the stressors, you can overcome them.

This is a great mental health gift for someone who can benefit from this daily reminder of their own ability to navigate their life’s uncertainties.

10. Your Anxiety Is Lying To You Bracelet

Gifts for Mental Health

This bracelet is a great visual reminder for anyone struggling with anxiety or a gifts for people struggling with mental health.

It will help the gift receiver separate themselves from their anxious thoughts and question the validity of their anxiety-driven narrative.

Mental Health Gifts for Employees/Coworkers

1.’Breathing Buddha’ Guided Visual Meditation Tool

Mental Health Gifts for Coworkers

Work can be stressful sometimes, and we all could benefit from a gentle daily reminder to pause and reset during our day.  This Breathing Budda Tool is one of the many ways to support your coworker’s mental health. 

It is incredibly easy to use and has the popular 4-7-8 breathing technique with 3 different colors for inhale, hold, and exhale. This gift will fit perfectly on your coworker’s desk or wherever they want to place it for their daily reminder to live in the moment.

2. Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

Mental Health Gifts for Coworkers

Spoil your favorite coworker with this heavenly lavender essential oil. These steamers are made with natural ingredients that will help wash away their day’s fatigue and help them relax. 

This is one of the best mental health gifts to give your coworker the home spa experience that will allow them to prioritize their self-care even during their busy work week.

3. Calm Essential Oil Roll On

Mental Health Gifts for Employees

Gifting this roll-on stick to your coworker or staff is a great way to show you care about their mental health. 

It is convenient, portable, and can easily be applied on the neck, wrists, or behind the ear to get a refreshing smell. When it comes to this gift, a little goes a long way and can be used anytime they need a moment of calm.

4. Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle

Mental Health Gifts for Coworkers

Who doesn’t love and appreciate the calmness and scent of a candle?  I have been using this candle for several years now and have also gifted it to many of my loved ones. It is definitely one of my favorites. 

This Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candle offers an enjoyable and tangible self-care tool allowing your coworker to create moments of peace and mindfulness.

5.Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Mental Health Gifts for Staff Members

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace by Gill Hasson and Donna Butler is a resourceful tool that can help your staff navigate the challenges of maintaining their mental health at work.

It provides insights into creating a healthy work environment (work-life balance, self-care, mental health practices, etc.) for improved overall mental health. Think of this gift as a comprehensive guide for your workplace that prioritizes a workplace culture of well-being.

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6.Encouragement Cards

Mental Health Gifts for Employees

Encouragement cards are a simple yet effective way of bringing a little sunshine to someone’s day by providing a source of inspiration and motivation.

These encouragement cards come in a pack of 100 with various patterns and uplifting messages and serve as a reminder of resilience during challenging times. A simple encouragement card can be appreciated when a colleague is struggling.

7.Funny Office Notebook

Funny Mental Health Gifts

We have all been in situations at work meetings where you had some thoughts but wouldn’t say out loud. This notebook is a great white elephant gift that can bring humor to the workplace and can be shared between coworkers nurturing their relationships.

It is a great way for colleagues to express their thoughts privately and therapeutically while fostering an enjoyable work environment.

Mental Health Gift Ideas for Teachers

1.Burt’s Bee Classics Set

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

It is officially Summer time which means it is time for teachers to relax and reset before Fall. 

This Burt’s Bee 5-piece set is a teacher-appreciated gift to show how much you care about them.  

2. Teachers Office Gift Supplies

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

Consider this gift if you want to buy something for your favorite teacher. When I worked in schools, my favorite part was receiving handwritten letters from my students before they left for summer break. Seeing your work being noticed and impacting students’ lives is so rewarding.

This set consists of 12 teacher motivational notebooks and 12 ballpoint pens in different styles, making it useful to meet various needs.

3. Teacher Tote Bag

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

This high-quality tote bag is another perfect end-of-year gift for your teacher. The message on the tote bag shows your gratitude and appreciation for your teacher.

The best part is that this bag does not have to be limited to the classroom. Your teacher can use this for various needs. It is one of the best teacher mental health gifts.

4.Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

After a busy school year, I am positive teachers look forward to going from doing to just being. What better way of doing that than yoga? 

It is important to have the right mat for your practice, and this ½-inch thick mat is perfect for a comfortable and cushioned surface for yoga.

5. Teacher Appreciation Gift Card

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

If you are confused about what to get your teacher, give them a gift card. This will allow them to choose a mental health gift that fits their needs and preferences. 

It still demonstrates your appreciation and empowers your teacher to prioritize their mental health in a way that resonates with them.

6.Encouragement Cards with Positive Affirmations

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

Do you remember your favorite teacher who made a difference in your life? I do. What teacher doesn’t love being appreciated? 

These 60 different appreciation cards provide daily reminders of why they deserve to be celebrated and that they make a difference in your life. This mental health gift will help increase their self-confidence and help your teacher navigate stressors with a growth mindset.

7.Starbucks Gift Cards

Mental Health Gifts for Teachers

When I worked in the school system, I looked forward to enjoying my cup of coffee during my busy schedule. 

Gifting your teacher a Starbucks gift card is another great way of giving them the freedom to choose a comforting treat that brings them joy by treating themselves to their favorite coffee or a snack.

Mental Health Gifts for Students

Here are some mental health gifts for teens that can help foster their mental health: 

1.Mental Health Matters T Shirt

Cute Mental Health Gifts

Gifting students a Mental Health Matters T-shirt can help foster a supportive and inclusive environment. 

Not only can this gift help promote open conversations about mental health, but it also serves as a way to reduce stigma by creating a safe space for students by encouraging a culture of mental health awareness.

2. 52 Essential Coping Skills Cards

Best Journals for Mental Health

Learning healthy coping skills is a valuable life skill every student needs to know.

These 52 Essential Coping Skills Cards are an excellent resource to help students learn and manage their emotions effectively by offering practical coping skills that help with reducing stress and problem-solving challenges.

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3. Mental Health Stickers

Best Journals for Mental Health

I LOVE stickers. It is such an easy and fun way to create a sense of belonging in the classrooms. 

These specific mental health stickers will serve as a visual reminder to students to prioritize their mental health. It also allows for open conversations where students can feel seen and understood.

4.Motivational Quote Rubber Wristbands

Best Journals for Mental Health

Remember the rubber wristbands? They always prompted positivity and a culture of encouragement. A big part of being a teacher is helping the students believe in themselves and their capabilities. A small reminder can go a long way. 

These multicolored wristbands are a great way to encourage a positive mindset in your students with these motivational affirmations. 

5. Stress Less & Self Care Cards

Best Journals for Mental Health

Students are stressed throughout the school year. It is essential to teach them ways to manage those stressors.Mental health and yoga professionals developed these Stress Less and Self-Care cards to help teach relaxation. 

They include 52 exercises for anxiety, stress management, self-care, and relaxation—highly recommended stress buster mental health gifts.

6.Punch Cards

Best Journals for Mental Health

Punch cards are another fun way to reward students for their behavior. You can punch one hole every time students prioritize their mental health and think about fun ways to reward them.

You can ask your school’s social worker or counselor for tips on rewards and how to set this up for your classroom.

7.Self-Acceptance Prompt Journal

Best Journals for Mental Health

It’s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful by Kate Allan is a creative self-help journal that helps foster self-acceptance by celebrating individuality.

The journal includes prompts and quotes that students can use to develop a positive self-image by confronting unhelpful thoughts. This journal will encourage the students to love themselves just as they are.

8.Put Your Worries Here: A Creative Journal for Teens with Anxiety 

Gifts for Anxiety

Put Your Worries Here by Lisa M. Schab is a journal designed for teens struggling with anxiety. 

This journal helps teens identify and manage their worries healthily by providing an outlet and healthy coping strategies to manage their anxiety.  It encourages self-reflection with action-oriented prompts to help them feel better.

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9.Fidget Toys Pack Party 

Fidget Toys for Students

Fidget toys have become extremely popular amongst students in the past several years. I would start the school year with a basket full of different types of fidget toys, and by the end of the school year, that basket would be empty. 

It offers several benefits by providing a tactile outlet for students allowing an outlet for their nervous energy. With 50 pieces to choose from, your students will have fun finding one to fidget with. 

10.Mental Health Reminders Wooden Hanging Wall Art 

Best Journals for Mental Health

Mental Health wall arts are a fun way to create visual reminders of self-care, mindfulness, and encouragement to prioritize your well-being. 

This mental health wall art includes 8 mental health tips and student reminders. Hang it where students can see it and bring positive power to your classroom.

Mental Health Gifts for Men

1.Motivational Cards for Men

Mens Mental Health Gifts

These affirmation cards encourage consistent action toward goals and foster self-growth. These cards are easy to carry and can be used daily for a quick mental recharge. 

Gift this card set to someone you care about and help them set the right mindset for the day.

2.Spa Men’s Sandalwood Gift Set

Mental Health Gifts for Him

This At-Home Spa Treatment is another perfect gift set to enjoy some ‘me’ time. This set comes with various men’s products that will help him unwind and relax. 

It includes a seven-piece set allowing men to indulge in self-care and prioritize their mental health making it one of the best mental health gifts for him.

3.The Daily Gratitude Journal for Men

Mental Health Books

The Daily Gratitude Journal for Men by Dean Bokhar is a well-organized journal designed to cultivate gratitude and self-reflection. 

With only investing 5-15 minutes each day for 90 days, this journal really encourages men to appreciate the present moment and develop a positive mindset. Highly recommend this mental health gifts for guys.

4.Men’s Hand, Foot, Face 12 Piece Spa Set

Mental Health Gifts for Him

Who doesn’t love a good relaxing mask after a long day? 

This is another great at-home spa-like treatment offering fun ways to indulge in the refreshing face, hand, and feet masks.

5.Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

Mental Health Gifts for Him

I gifted my husband a massage gun, and he LOVES it. The targeted muscle relief can help reduce muscle tension and release endorphins, creating a sense of calmness. 

This gift allows the gift receiver to add another tool to their relaxation kit.

Mental Health Gifts for Women

1. Daily Affirmations Tumbler

Mental Health Gifts for Her

I love Tumblers, and I love Tumblers with positive messages even more. This beautiful Tumbler serves as a great daily reminder of positivity and self-affirmation. 

This would make a great mental health gift for someone you love.  

2. Mental Health Planner 

Mental Health Books

I swear by planners, and this modern mental health planner is one of the best mental health gifts for women looking to prioritize their personal growth. It includes self-care planning, healthy coping tips, and reflecting on your triggers so you can learn to respond instead of react.  

This planner also includes space for therapy reflection (my favorite part of this planner, haha). Overall, this is a great gift to track your mental health.

3. Fidget Ring for Anxiety

Small Mental Health Gifts

If you know someone that fidgets with their hands a lot, these fidget rings can be the perfect gift. 

My favorite part about these rings is their size. Most fidget toys can be pretty big in size making it obvious to people around, but these rings are small enough where they can hide them and spin them around on their finger making it one of the perfect small mental health gifts.

4. No One Fights Alone Bracelet

Mental Health Gifts for Her

This simple yet elegant bracelet for women provides a powerful symbol of support. It helps remind someone that they are not alone in their struggles. 

It empowers them to reach out for help and talk about their mental health with someone who deeply cares about them. A gentle reminder that no one fights alone.

5. Kindle 

Mental Health Gifts for Her

People read to escape their reality, create new perspectives, engage in storytelling, or simply for their love of reading. It can serve as a distraction, stress relief, and a form of self-care

Gifting someone a Kindle is a great way to access a variety of books and engage in immersive reading experiences wherever they go. This is one of our favorite mental health gift ideas offering a source of comfort and escape whenever needed.

mental health gifts

6. Shower Steamers Aromatherapy 

Mental Health Gifts for Her

Shower Steamers are another fun mental health gifts to provide someone who enjoys a spa with a therapeutic experience. 

There are various scent options to choose from to match their zen mode needs and relax.

Mental Health Gifts for Therapist

If you are a client looking to give a gift to your therapist, always check with them first to see if they accept gifts from their clients before making a purchase.

1.Mindfulness Positive Quotes Jar

Positive Affirmation Jar

The Little Jar of Calm is a great choice for a personal gift for a mental health therapist. It includes 30 mindfulness notes that the gift receiver can read when they are in session with their clients or just for personal use.  

The positive messages promote calmness and serve as a tool to support to enhance their practice. Highly recommend it as a motivational gift.

2.Therapist Survival Kit 

Therapist Gifts Mental Health

I was first introduced to this idea by another colleague who had created a therapist survival kit for herself. It would include items like chocolate, essential oils, healthy snacks, eye masks, aromatherapy hand lotion, stress balls, and encouraging Post-it notes. Since then, I have been a huge advocate for it. 

As a therapist, I understand the value of a survival kit and would highly encourage this gifts for mental health counselor.

3.Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Gifts for Mental Health Therapist

I LOVE candles! As a therapist, I use a candle almost every day when I am working. 

Candles have a way of creating relaxation and improving our moods. The lighting of candles helps us find moments of calm and prioritize just being in the moment for a little while. Highly recommend.

4.Worlds Best Therapist Gifts – 9oz Soy Candle


Have you ever worked with a therapist that helped change your life? I have. 

This personalized candle is a fun and thoughtful way of appreciating your therapist.  

5.Mindfulness Coloring Book

Mental Health Gifts Amazon

Gifting your therapist friend a Mindful Coloring book gives them a creative outlet to take a break from their professional responsibilities and take a moment of mindfulness.

Free Mental Health Gifts

There are plenty of cost-free ways to show you care about someone’s mental health and well-being. 

  1. Offer personalized support: Personalized support can go a long way, whether it is your time and presence as a supportive friend, dropping off groceries (or cooking them a meal), or providing them a safe space to talk about their feelings. 
  2. Write them affirmations or encouraging notes: Leave your loved ones positive messages on post-it notes or text them words of affirmation to remind them of their strength. 
  3. Self-care kit: diy gifts for mental health- create a customized self-care kit for your loved one. This can include tea, candles, stress balls, or their favorite snacks. 
  4. Coupon Book: Create a customized coupon book for your loved ones when they need your support. This can include helping with chores, working out together, or simply watching a movie at home together.  

Let’s Recap….

There you have it. Our top choices for mental health gift ideas are to show you care and serve as a reminder that they are not alone.

Giving a gift that supports someone’s mental helps reinforce the importance of prioritizing self-care and mental well-being. Whether it’s a weighted blanket, a scented candle, or a self-care package, the intention is what matters most.

What mental health gifts have you given to your loved ones?

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