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100 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Embracing little moments of happiness in a dysfunctional family can be challenging, but I wanted to share 100 simple things that make me happy and hope you can incorporate them into your life. Think of these things as little rays of sunshine that can help brighten your day and give you a break from the difficulties at home. 

Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness is worth pursuing! Despite the circumstances, you deserve to feel moments of happiness (and relief). This isn't about escaping the challenges but helping you navigate them more effectively. You may wonder how a list of things that make me happy can help you. Well, by sharing what brings me happiness, I hope to give you a gentle nudge to explore your sources of joy- your own pockets of happiness and peace. 

It's the little things that can make the most difference, and as you read through this list, I encourage you to think about what brings you happiness and how you can incorporate the small pleasures into your daily life. 

So, let's get into the list of 100 things that make me happy.

Why I Made a List of 100 Things That Make Me Happy? 

These 100 things that make me happy are like a big self-care hug- my personal happiness toolkit. It helps my mental health, and when I am feeling down, I look at this list for inspiration.

As someone from a dysfunctional family, being intentional about finding joy by having a list of reasons to feel happy helped me escape the challenges at home and focus on the positive aspects of life. This list allows me to shift my attention to things that bring ME joy and gratitude.

When I feel mixed emotions, I look at this list and do things that help me slow down, distract myself, or sit with how I feel.

Things That Make Me Happy List:

Here are 100 little things that make me happy: 

  1. Morning silence
  2. Spending time with my sisters
  3. Lifting weights
  4. Going on a drive with windows down
  5. Randomly finding money
  6. Random act of kindness from a stranger
  7. Taking a nap without setting an alarm
  8. Reading a good book
  9. Puzzle
  10. Playing with dogs
  11. Listening to the sound of rain
  12. Journaling
  13. Hugs from my partner
  14. Harry Potter marathon during the holidays
  15. No Sunday scares 
  16. Candles
  17. Yoga
  18. Being appreciated for my efforts
  19. Pizza
  20. When someone compliments my outfit
  21. Iced coffee
  22. Gym clothes
  23. A good therapy session
  24. Learning about my parent's upbringing (especially happy ones)
  25. Changing colors of fall leaves
  26. Homemade meal
  27. Trying a new hobby
  28. A warm bowl of ramen
  29. A clean space
  30. Compliment from a stranger
  31. Going to a support group
  32. Facetime with my best friend 
  33. Tea time with in-laws
  34. Playing a game on my phone
  35. Meditation 
  36. Reading a positive comment on my social media
  37. Getting handwritten letters
  38. Feeling the warmth of sunshine on my skin
  39. Sun sparkling on the water
  40. Binge-watching a good show
  41. Cooking a meal for someone
  42. Sounds of ocean waves
  43. Listening to uplifting music
  44. Watching a funny movie
  45. Listening to a motivational speech
  46. Being able to manage my emotional response
  47. Practicing affirmations
  48. Setting a small goal and achieving it 
  49. Practicing self-compassion
  50. Digital detox day
  51. A long bath
  52. Being in nature
  53. A day without plans
  54. Daydreaming
  55. Going to bed without setting an alarm
  56. Hitting 10k steps
  57. The feeling of letting go
  58. Seeing my clients make positive changes and progress in their personal growth
  59. Having a healthy work-life balance
  60. Planning a self-care day
  61. Sleeping through the night
  62. Playing card games with my family
  63. Creating a routine
  64. Learning a new skill
  65. Listening to music while riding a bike
  66. Long walks with my husband
  67. Cooking with my mom
  68. Strolling through the library for a new book
  69. Witnessing little things that make people smile
  70. A deep breath
  71. Tea time with my sisters
  72. Going to an ACA meeting
  73. Taking a weekend trip
  74. Going to my pilates class
  75. Tidy spaces
  76. Taco Tuesdays
  77. My mom's rice and dal on a cold day
  78. Solo date
  79. Watching a childhood favorite movie
  80. Watching Koffee with Karan 
  81. Uno cards with my husband 
  82. Life chats with my in-laws 
  83. Buying candles 
  84. A good book with coffee at a cafe
  85. Going through old photo albums 
  86. Hitting a PR in the gym
  87. Buying a new journal
  88. Organizing my calendar
  89. Being able to observe my thoughts without  judgment
  90. Practicing a new coping technique
  91. Engaging in regular self-care
  92. Flipping to the last page of a good book
  93. Being able to empathize
  94. Gratitude 
  95. Making mindful choices
  96. Setting a boundary 
  97. Soothing my inner child 
  98. Sitting in my blue chair 
  99.  My office 
  100. Coping with my emotions in a healthy way

Why You Should Explore Things That Make You Happy? 

You may be wondering why you should explore things that make you happy and well because it simply makes life better. When you explore your mood booster activities, like watching a beautiful sunset or journaling, it makes you feel good, right? Well, those are the moments that make your life better. When I was dealing with difficult family situations on a more regular basis, finding and doing things that made me happy was a valuable escape.

Think of it as being on a journey of discovering your unique flavors of happiness. It's not only about what helps you feel good in the moment but also helps you learn more about yourself and what really matters to YOU. When you are happier or able to move yourself closer to being happier, you are more prepared to cope with difficult and unpredictable situations.

How to feel happy again? Engage in activities that bring you joy. 

So, go ahead, start with writing down five simple things that make you happy.

How To Discover What Makes You Happy

There are SO many things you can do and try to create your personalized list of 'happy' Here are a few steps to get you started:

1) Reflect on Past Experiences

Reflect on past experiences when you felt incredibly happy. What were you doing? Make a list of all the memories. For example, something weird that makes me happy is watching people clean and organize their space. It is visually satisfying and gives me plenty of ideas to try out. 

Similarly, reflecting on past experiences allows me to realize the things that make me unhappy include clutter and unorganized spaces in my home. It gives me a cue to improve my mood. 

What makes you happy on a bad day?

2) Explore Different Activities

The fun part of the self-discovery process is to explore and experience. In this step, you will get to experiment with activities that you THINK you may like and will bring you joy. These could include hiking, a new hobby, or learning a new coping skill. If you need help figuring out where to start, here is a list of hobbies that make you happy to help you get started. 

What three things make you the happiest?

3) Track Daily Experiences

The answers are hidden in our patterns. When you start tracking your daily experiences and how they make you feel, you will notice a pattern. For example, when I started tracking my everyday experiences, I noticed I was watching crime-related shows frequently, leading to the emotion of fear. I created a list of '5 things that make me happy' to help change the emotion from fear to happy things to think about during my day. 

You want to focus on experiences that bring you happiness and joy. If that isn't a part of your daily experience right now, go back to step 2 and think about what activities you can explore and simply track experiences by tracking- it makes me happy when_______

4) Experiment and Adjust  

Another thing I love about the self-discovery process is that you can adjust what makes you happy based on what you continue to discover. For example, if you find you enjoy reading more in a cafe than at home, make an effort to do that more often.  

As you age, your preferences for what makes you happy will also change. That is OKAY and an essential part of growth. You never stop learning about yourself.


There you have it- 100 things that are important to me and make me incredibly happy. If you are ever wondering, 'What things will bring me happiness?' or 'How to feel good in bad times?' pull out this list and try out a few things to see what brings you joy and help improve the moment by creating your own list of '100 things to do for myself'.

What are some simple things that make you happy?

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