“Your family dysfunction does not have to define YOU.”

Brown Girl Trauma


My name is Nisha Patel. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the face behind the space Brown Girl Trauma (BGT). BGT is a Mental Health and Self-Growth Community for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families.

The central question that drives my work is, “How can we break the cycle of family dysfunction?” To answer that question, I like to write about ways to reparent your inner child through healthy self-growth & mental health practices- addressing your unmet needs.

5 Key Parts of Journaling

01. Inner Child Journaling

Beginning with inner child work can set the foundation for understanding your core wounds and emotional patterns from your past. Journaling about your inner child’s experiences can help you understand why you act and feel the way you do now.

By paying attention to your inner child’s needs and feelings, you can nurture and validate those aspects of yourself, fostering healing and self-compassion.

02. Reparenting Journaling

Building on your understanding of the inner child, reparenting journaling enables you to provide the love, support, and validation you may have lacked in your upbringing.

This step is important for fostering self-compassion and building a healthy relationship with yourself, which supports your inner child healing journey.

03. Emotional Healing Journaling

Emotional healing journaling offers a space to express and explore your emotions. By putting your feelings into words, you can release emotional tension, gain insight into underlying issues, and develop coping strategies for managing difficult emotions.

Also, with a foundation of understanding established through inner child and reparenting work, emotional healing journaling allows you to support your inner child healing and reparenting efforts further.

04. Self-Reflection Journaling

Integrating self-reflection journaling into your practice deepens your self-awareness by identifying recurring patterns, gaining insights into your behavior, and setting an intention for self-growth.

This self-awareness increases your ability to engage in inner child healing, reparenting, and emotional healing practices more effectively.

05. Shadow Journaling

Finally, shadow work is all about exploring the parts of yourself that you might not like, have ignored, or hidden—the aspects of yourself that you do not want to think about.

Journaling about these feelings and experiences can help you face them head-on, untangle their influence on your inner child’s feelings and reactions, and foster self-acceptance.

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“Helping YOU Break the Cycle of Family Dysfunction and Generational Trauma.”

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